These Weather Shifts Got Me MESSED Up



Before I came to Chico, I loved the rain but that feeling changed once I got here. Southern Cal rain ain’t nothing like North Cal rain. In So Cal, our rain is bearable, it’s rarely any need for an umbrella, so you’ll be good in a hoodie. Out here, the rain literally HURTS. In order to survive this rain, you need a Chico suitable umbrella (cause the wind ain’t no joke and the rain comes from different angles), a waterproof jacket along with a thick hoodie, and rain boots. Without these few required items, you’re bound to get soaked.

Alright, I said all this to tell you about how my Monday went about.

I woke up at 7:45 am, hit Snooze and officially got up at 8 am. I did my regular morning routine and was out the dorm by 8:35 am with my roommate Helen. As I explained last week, on Mondays I have 3 classes back to back to back but I didn’t mention that all my classes are on opposite sides of campus and I only have 10 mins to get there. I’m basically speed walking as fast as my little legs can take me to get to class on time. After my 11 am I headed back my dorm, took a shower, ate a hot pocket, and was back out my dorm by 1:45 pm because SI was recently included in my schedule for Mondays at 2pm for Bio 104. Around 2:50pm I left SI to make it to English by 3 pm. Then after class, I walked right back over to the SSC to speak to Dawn and Vikki about the process of transferring Alabama State University. I expected the meeting to be no longer than 30 mins but 30 mins turned into an hour and 15 minutes. Once the meeting ended, Nataly and I walked toward the library because we originally planned to go to Math tutoring but I accidently made the mistake of calling my aunt right before we go to the library. Don’t get me wrong, I love my aunt and she does a lot for me while I’m in school but we all have that one relative who can talk they head…she’s that one relative. Due to how talkative my aunt can be, Nataly suggested that we go to tutoring on Tuesday at 5 pm. As we walked back to Sutter, we told Helen to come downstairs and eat with us.

Anywho, Anyhow, Anyway… An hour passed by and it is now 7 pm and of course its raining. I have dance practice within the next hour at the WREC and I didn’t want to walk in this weather at night. But a girl got to do what a girl go to do. At 7:45 I bundled up in a long sleeve, a jacket, my Compton hoodie, and my high school step jacket. As soon as I walked out of the dormitory I felt a gigantic gush of wind and the hardened raindrops. While I’m walking to the WREC, I’m struggling. I’m only 4’10 weighing at 110 pounds, now I know you can probably see me fighting against then wind as it pushing me back, almost breaking my umbrella, glasses all wet, shoes soaked and I was freezing. I finally arrived at my destination irritated, cold, and soaking wet. My dude,I HATE THE RAIN! 2 hours later, I was offered a ride back home. I gladly took the offer. I didn’t have to walk home at 10 pm, I wouldn’t be soaking wet or cold, and I would’ve been home in 2 mins. Everything seemed okay. I was WRONG. While walking to the car I was tricked. As we all know Chico barely has any lights so it was difficult for me to see where I was walking. Once I got to the car, I went to step on something that looked like the curb but instead SPLAT!! My dumb self stepped in a deep ass puddle. My shoe, sock, and pants leg got soaked in a matter of seconds. I couldn’t even get mad because I was shocked at how deep that puddle was. Once I got into my dorm, I noticed how soaked my clothes were, the sound of my shoe that is now soaked inside and out with water, and the horrible feeling of a wet sock 😷. I called my boyfriend telling him what happened within 3 hours and all he did was laugh 😒.No words of comfort…nothing besides telling me to change my clothes.

In Conclusion, I HATE RAIN and RAIN HATES ME… 😡






One thought on “These Weather Shifts Got Me MESSED Up

  1. This is all too relatable.. Lack of streetlights + crappy streets with lots of water = the perfect storm. After a long day that would probably drive me crazy but maybe you can laugh at it later. Also, the dancing I saw in the video from your last post looked really cool!


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